Ode to Californication

No, it’s not the blatant T&A that draws me to this show – altho that is certainly welcome (no honey, it’s not porn, it’s Showtime and an acclaimed director/actor combination!)  It is the similarity I see between myself and the lead character – and before you guffaw, he isn’t some gleaming paragon of society – he is a washed up loser who had a one-hit wonder novel and now lives the life of a scofflaw who beds hot chicks while working on the next great American novel.

I don’t associate with that – I associate with his disdain for popular culture and people in general.  Which leads to his self-loathing.  Which I can empathize with, while not completely associating with.

That is super poor grammar in the previous sentence, but I’m too lazy to fix it.

Anyhow – SHO shows Californication on Mondays at 1030.  Since I don’t have SHO, I have to resort to alternative means to watch it.  This annoys me, because I’d gladly pay $3/episode if they offered that online service.  Alas, they don’t.  So, in the words of Hank, "fuck ’em".

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