Don’t Touch the Hairdryer

This morning, in my continuing saga of the Fairmont, I stepped out of the shower only to find the hairdryer put back into its little cloth baggie.  I’m all for efficient housekeeping, but this just seems like overkill.  I clearly need to use the hairdryer since I had taken it out of the baggie yesterday, carefully unwrapped its cord from its little chaep plastic body, and plugged it in.  Why would housekeeping go to all the trouble to unplug it, rewrap the cord in a way that would make a sweatshop manufacturing worker proud, and put it back in the baggie?

All it does it take me 30 seconds longer to get ready in the morning, and further piss me off.

BTW, I think my cabbie is falling asleep at the wheel here.  If you don’t see this post, you’ll know why – I never made it to the office.

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