From the “Stating the Obvious” File

On Tuesday I heard a story on my local NPR station from a black man who was telling us that, no, not all black people abuse their dogs.

I’m not sure I needed this commentary.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t associate a borderline retarded professional athlete who left school after sophomore year to play ‘ball’ with an entire race or gender.  Did anyone think that this was normal behavior for people, let alone black men?

Granted, the media did seem to concentrate on Vick’s race more than if some white trash baseball player did the same thing, but still – I don’t think I need the allusion to Bill Cosby winning the Westminster Dog Show in order to convince me that blacks don’t love their dogs in general as much as everyone else.

I think we should shift the attention to Bill O’Reilly who said recently, after having dinner at Sylvia’s in Harlem, that "people here were well behaved.  There were no fights or anything".  Jesus.  I think I would be ok with Vick sicking his dogs on him – that just seems right.

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