Nice Guys Finish Last

After the birth of my daughter, I thought I really should focus on being a better person.  A little less capricious, a little less cynical, and little less brutal to those who are slower on the uptake.  Maybe a little less alcohol, too.

I would say I’ve failed.

Three things I would say have ruled out this change:

1) the word "Fucktard".  It is just so fun to say and so descriptive in so many situations.  Should you not believe the utility of said word, please consult the place I go when I need a quick definition –  Fucktard, with over 200 definitions, is clearly the pejorative of choice for many.

2) The lack of "on-demand" media.  Why do you make me (hypothetically) use BitTorrent to get shows I want to watch?  Why don’t you have an on-demand offer?  KUDOS to NBC and ABC for letting me watch full length shows on-demand on my computer (I watched the Bionic Woman pilot this morning).  Please – the rest of you do the same.  I’ll pay 1.99 to watch a show – gladly.  Alas, you persist in your 1990 ways, so people are forced to illegally download and watch your shows.  Not me, of course.  Get a clue and realize that the days of people making time to watch your shows is just OVER – people will watch when and where they have time.

3) Ballard.  Never in the history of Seattle has such poor urban planning resulted in such a fucked up travel experience.  What used to be a sleepy Nordic enclave with affordable warboxes (and linked downtown to North Seattle) is now a hipster shitsville, complete with nearly 3000 condos and the nation’s fastest growing fake church (ed note: read Righteous and be afraid).  What used to be a nice neighborhood is now a gridlocked disaster due to the mayor bending over for any developer who throws a few bucks in the kitty for affordable housing.  I guess the bright side is that gridlock is all Priuses.

Ballard – The Sucking

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