Grace is Gone

I have to go to Asia on Friday and I’ll be gone the following week.  I’m getting sick, which is AWESOME when you are about to spend 17 hours on a plane.

What am I looking forward to?  The people of Asia (that is fricking hilarious to write – that’s like saying "The People of 25% of the world", which readers clearly know I do NOT like).  Specifically, the people in Tokyo (except for the Stalinist immigration workers who, I’m pretty sure, are still bitter about the war and thus take as long as possible to admit me into the country).  And the people in Singapore, who have both an impressive love of country and make my productivity on its best days worthy of a Reduction in Force.

Alas, before I get on the United 875 Boeing 777 for a seemingly interminable amount of time, soothed only by free power in my seat for my laptop and a bottle or three of free Gin, I need to get thru this week.  That is becoming increasingly difficult as all I can think about tonight is sleeping. 

Pithy tonight, Yes?  Oui.  Sidenote: I have managed to get an entire org saying "pithy" recently, which I find funny since for most people in said org, pithy would be a converse description of their reality.


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