Time Flies When You’re…Flying

What the hell happened?  It has been a whole week since the four of you have had a chance to read my wit and wisdom.  What have I done? 

Got home last Friday – went to bed.  Sat and Sun I wandered around in a stupor – doing what, I don’t remember.  I think my wife worked on Sunday, so I was on daddy duty.  Later on Sunday, I went to a dinner party, drank way too much, and thought I was going to die from alcohol poisoning.  On a Sunday?  I’m not even catholic (altho my wife is, which probably explains it – her guilt forces me to drink).

Monday – flew to San Jose and spoke at MuniWireless conference on Tuesday.  Flew back on – wait for it – a late Alaska Air flight where I had a guy put his head on my shoulder while he slept.  At least buy me a drink.

Wednesday – crazy work schedule.

Today – crazy work schedule.  That, and the west wall of our house is missing and the builder is not sure how to accomplish what the structural engineer designed to put it back up.  Which means it’s 41 fucking degrees outside and inside the house.  Which means I am in a foul mood. 

Which means I’m ending this post now.


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