My Potty Mouth Wife

Here is an actual conversation between my wife and me this morning – she was trying to troubleshoot a computer problem at the house.  The Bold is the highlight for me.


Carrie Culley‎‎ [10:36 AM]:

 I just checked all the ports they are tight. I may just forget using this fucking computer

‎‎Stefan Weitz‎‎ [10:37 AM]:

 do what i said

 discon the transceiver

 conect a keyboard and notebook mouse tothe front

 that will get you thru today and i’ll look tonight

‎‎Carrie Culley‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

 there are no keyboards in teh closet…we sold them

‎‎Stefan Weitz‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

 in the basement i think


 they didnt sell

‎‎Carrie Culley‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

 fuck this fucking thing….then I have to look for mice, etcl. Fuck this mother fucker.

 I’m using my laptop.

‎‎Stefan Weitz‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

 no – you have a notebook mouse


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