Toshiba and Jesus are Conspiring Against Me

Many of you may have heard that I bought a new laptop to replace my Sony which – honest to God – is completely, utterly possessed.  And I hate the keyboard.

The new laptop, the R500, is what I like to call, "The New Hotness".  Why?  All solid state (no pesky harddrive to crash, make noise, heat, or slow down my pithy blog entries); an LED backlit screen (it’s cool – you just have to trust me); 10 hours of battery (suuuure – just like Sting.  But it’s got to be better than my current box); and 1.7 pounds with a full size keyboard and DVD writer.  Suck that, Macboys.

Excessive?  Maybe.  It has taken 2 months for Tosh to build it.  It has taken 2 weeks for our procurement people to find it…

Yesterday I finally had it and sicced (that is a HARD word to spell) our admin on the shipping company.  Turns out – the laptop was delivered to MS over a week ago, but then they sent it to our Cali office.  Bad news – I’m in Seattle.  Good news – I’m heading to that office Sunday night.

Bad news – some fellow coworker (Hemang…) got it delivered to his office and now I’m assuming thinks it’s his.  Hemang – I’m coming, and there will be much smacking down if you don’t give it up quietly.  Be warned.


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