The Meek Shall Inherit…Oh Screw Them

Meek – how about Geeks?  This past week, I’ve been on the equivalent of a geek twinkie binge, buying more gadgets than should be allowed.  I’ll post over turkey day break some reviews, but here is a listing of what I’ve purchased to whet your whistle.

* Toshiba R500 Solid State computer (apparently, there are only 3 of them at Microsoft, and I have one of ’em).  So unbelievably hot.

* Chumby – Internet connected device

* T-Mobile Shadow

* Amazon Kindle (the wife doesn’t know about that one yet…)

Each one of these gadgets is cool in their own way.  And you will see why – soon…


One thought on “The Meek Shall Inherit…Oh Screw Them

  1. I\’m the wife, and apparently I need to read the blog more to find out where my half of the money is going. We need our own electrical grid for all this crap.

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