Zuckerberg’s Law: “F–ing genius”

I gotta admit, this is especially poignant, even with the profanity. 

The FB "thing" is looking less and less viable the longer I use it.  It has become less interesting to me as the signal to noise ratio has gone askew.  No, I don’t want to be bitten by a Vampire.  Or turned into a Zombie.  And I don’t care if dennis rated a movie – especially since that status update is really a ploy to get me to ‘install’ a lame ‘app’ that does little more but propagate throughout my social circle like a case of  HepC in prison.

What the hell is up with the notion of ‘installing’ shit on FB?  It is just so broken.  This is the Web, kids – I shouldnt have to ‘install’ an app to see if I’m Australian or not.  That is a simple jscript app I could write laying here on my bed after two beers.

So, no, Zuck.  I doth protest.  Un-open your platform a little more.  Shut down the borderline retarded twenty four year olds who want their moment of fame by getting a lame app on FB and watching one of my unsuspecting friends ‘install and spam’ it.

Zuckerberg’s Law: "F–ing genius"

One thought on “Zuckerberg’s Law: “F–ing genius”

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