Here is the setup for this segment:

At 2:50 p.m. – Being a Man in the Wedding Industry
A quick Google search reveals the most popular wedding advice involves weight control, bridal fashion and hairstyles. Drew Reynolds needed exactly none of that advice when he planned his wedding in 2001. Once his wedding was over, he kept thinking about how most online wedding sites assumed he was a woman in need of advice. Today, Drew tells us how this experience inspired him to start his own website and help men everywhere with practical wedding planning advice.

Now – this could be interesting.  And it’s a dream for a small startup – free publicity to an affluent audience on a local NPR station.  10 minutes to pitch your startup, throw in an anecdote as to how you got started (I was trying to find a place that allows dogs at weddings…), and then show how your startup addresses that unmet need.

Drew started down the path – pitching the URL, giving an anecdote and then completely fell off the rails.  What the hell?  It turned into coffee talk with Jeannie Yandel

He just talked about great his parents are, how cool his wedding was, why his party was awesome.  But completely failed to mention HOW HIS SITE WOULD HELP SOMEONE IN A SIMILAR SITUATION.  Someone get this man a PR person.

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