I’m Too Sexy

So, the wife and I were in SanFran this weekend for a little R&R without the bambina.  Nice time – didn’t do much but meander around, visit some cute shops, and eat good food (and drink lots of liquids).  Had a great time at a Christmas party on Friday night, but I don’t remember much after 9pm.

Anyhew, we were at dinner last night at an impossibly hip place (how I got in, i’ll never know).  Besides being FULL of people exposing way too much skin (and fishnets – what the hell?) in 35 degree weather, my personal favorite came at the end of the evening.

Two hipsters – one talking on his iPhone (natch), the other looking forlorn as only someone who doesn’t really have much to look forlorn about can (after all, the restaurant they just ate at is hardly cheap).  One the sidewalk, not smoking.  I look down at the chick’s feet – and see this:

Ah yes, toilet paper on her shoe.  The hipster gods weren’t smiling last night, apparently.


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