Dude, I’m WHITE!

This morning on Facebook, this ad was in my newsfeed.

Jesus.  Of all sites that have the ability to know about me through the oodles of information stored on said site, they STILL can’t get targeted ads right.  Did the trolls who control their ad system fail to notice my Aryan-looking wife and daughter?  Do they think that I would look good in a NY Yankees Kangol?  Is that girl on the end white or black?  What’s up with her hair?  My god.

Maybe – just maybe – FB knows I went to Franklin High School (and inner city schools in general) where I was one of a few white kids in the general population.  Maybe FB knows I dated Filipinos, Blacks, and Japanese throughout my high school career.  Maybe FB triangulated the location of my childhood friends (Atlanta, Maryland, Chi-town), cross-referenced their habits and bios, and realized they were mostly black (and who would kick my ass if I wore this shit).

Or maybe, just maybe, FB took some serious cash from HoneyShed to pimp this to whitebread 30-somethings like me who want to be more ‘urban’ (not urbane).  Yeah, that’s probably it.


One thought on “Dude, I’m WHITE!

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