Live from London (UK, not Kentucky)

It’s funny to me that there is a London in Kentucky – kind of like Paris in Texas, but I digress (it’s IRONICAL! as a friend of mine used to say – I think – showing his propensity for irony.)

Anyhow – is there a special school for hotel television designers?  One that teaches them how to make something which most of the developed world knows how to use into something that requires multiple calls to an Indian helpdesk?  Methinks so.

Case in point- the Philips TV in my room here.  Not only does the remote feature buttons labeled "I-II" and "Vision", the power button is less useful as a command for the television to awake and begin displaying moving pictures, and more a suggestion that it might consider turning on.  Why?  because you have to PRESS THE POWER BUTTON ON THE FRICKING TELEVISION before the power button on the remote has any function.  That is SUPER helpful when you’re laying in bed after a redeye flight, wanting to watch some "swedish" television, and you have to get out of bed to physically press a button on the TV before you can use your fricking remote.

Frick.  Seriously.  What next?  Garage door openers that require me to be inside the garage before they open the door?  The singularity can’t come fast enough people.


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