“Hey, Allison!”

Here’s a tip – if you go to the eye doctor for your yearly checkup, and check the box saying "I can be dilated today", make sure you actually read the fine print.

Yesterday, I did just that (dilation, not reading the fine print).  Afterwards, I had a lunch at a nearby restaurant with a colleague.  Hardly being able to read the menu was the first sign that maybe, just maybe, those side effects the doc talked about were real.

Cut to me looking at the front door and seeing someone I knew walk in.  Feeling especially obnoxious, I yell across the restaurant "Hey, Allison!  Allison!  Get back to cranking on some friggin visuals!"

No, it wasn’t Allison.  I’m not even sure it was a woman now that I think about it.  It certainly wasn’t someone that was working on some ‘friggin visuals’.  And I should know better than to yell across a room at someone when I can barely read the menu in front of me.  I am not sure what was funnier – my companion’s face as he contemplated if I had officially lost it or the waiter literally jumping back as I was yelling at not-Allison across the room. 

Tourettes – always a good excuse.


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