Woot : One Day, One Deal, One Tool


Been a while since I’ve posted – a liiiittle busy here at the Borg Center.  Greatest Woot description for a product ever, tho – see the Warning below.

The Rich Man’s View-Master

Have YOU ever wished you could immerse yourself in video from your iPod, only with lesser picture quality? Do YOU stay awake nights worrying about people looking over your shoulder and watching your iPod Video for free? Have YOU been striving to replicate the Geordi LaForge look? Then the Myvu Personal Media Viewer is for you! The world around you will recede into the distance when you strap on this New Wave-styled personal media accessory. Entomb your mind in the cold embrace of pure video – if it weren’t for the pixelated images and ghosty movement, you’d swear it was the real thing! And since three straight hours of disorientation and eye strain aren’t enough, the included Myvu power pack increases your iPod Video’s playback time to eight hours on a single charge! You’ll literally be begging for mercy! Whether you want convenient, immersive video playback or something bulky and ugly to wear around your head, the Myvu Fully Loaded Personal Media Viewer should be in your sights!

WARNING: Works only with 5th-generation iPod Video. Woot, Inc. and it subsidiaries cannot be held responsible if you wear this in public and get beaten up for looking like a tool. Not officially licensed for Star Trek convention usage. Do not use Myvu while driving, walking, running, flying a plane, captaining a boat, driving a train, riding a bicycle, or piloting a Segway. Boy, imagine somebody wearing one of these on a Segway. Talk about a total loser. Not for sale in stores anymore, we don’t think. No nutritional value. No cash value. No honest, hardworking American values. Not much value at all, come to think of it. Action figures sold separately.

Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)

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