What the Fuck is Wrong with Us

I want to gouge my eyes out here…  We are offering Office Ultimate for $60 to students.  Killer idea since most of them 1) either use Macs, or 2) pirate the software.  http://www.theultimatesteal.com/

The "unkiller" idea: check out this promo picture on the teaser page:

what the FUCK?  seriously.  Fuck.  Do ‘students’ look like this? a) he is at least 30.  b) no fucking student (who isnt gay or wants to get his ass kicked) wears a v-neck with a tie.  and a baseball hat.  and who is apparently giving head to Office. c) fuck!  whoever did this campaign should be forced to beer bong at an upcoming WSU party.  it just so MISSES the core demo here – it’s inexcusable.

3 thoughts on “What the Fuck is Wrong with Us

  1. Typical marketing people……I\’m sure a team of people worked on this and that isn\’t even counting the 5 people from the ad agency. Lets just put that aside for a moment…..do you think they are hiring? 

  2. Back when this promo was launched I sent it to a few of my friends in Law/Med/Business school and nearly all of them thought it was some sort of sinister trick to make them pay for a trial version or to flood their machine with spyware to track their dealings.  The whole situation makes me think that $60 might be a little too low…

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