Ahh – I have to go to San Francisco in a hour.  Not enough time to get into any meaty work, so I’ll author a quick blog entry.

Even though I have to speak at Moscone Center tomorrow, I’m not staying across the street at the W Hotel.  Why?

Because of this:

Sounds cool, right?  Apparently, they forgot one class of room: let’s call it the "Fantabulous Scrumptious Converted Corner Closet" room.  Yes, that’s right:

*  sub 200 sq ft of unabated shin killing, corner room luxury.

*  No coffee maker

* Ironing board – what, you IRON your clothes?  So provincial.

* Connecting room option complete with tatami-mat thinness door: you can actually HEAR your neighbors ALL NIGHT (even though they were talking at barely above a whisper)

Yes, the W made me want to kill myself.  I thought it was a bad dream – four college co-eds talking at a reasonable level – about what, I don’t remember – but it had to do with Heidi and Michael and how, OMG, they totally hooked up and OMG she cheated on him and OMG… all … fucking…night.  And since the W Hotel patented ‘ultra-thin’ door that connects the "Fantabulous Scrumptious Converted Corner Closet" room to the one next to it is RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HEAD, it makes for a night of no-sleepy.  Which, wouldnt be sooo bad if there were a coffee maker in the room so I could just get up and start working.  No – only $8.50 water.

Serenity now.  Serenity now.

I’m staying at the Intercontinental tonight – which sounds swank until you realize it’s owned by the Holiday Inn.  Ah well, the life of a traveler.


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