More Stupid Advertising

  • On the radio – KMTT – Snoqualmie Ridge.  "It’s just like the Truman Show – everything’s perfect."  That, my friends, is called irony.  Rich, Rich.  Actually comparing Snoqualmie Ridge to a totally fake city, complete with actors as friends and a fake blue sky that people must take boats across a lake to escape to civilization. 
  • In the airport – a sign for AT&T WiFi – it’s been here for years.  This one is a chick lying on a couch in the airport (hey – can you point me to the ‘couch’ section at SeaTac?  I must have missed it!)  Look closely at the laptop lid – it’s transparent as it reaches the top.  WTF?  I can’t even explain this.  Either they had stock imagery of said chick lying on couch and the Photoshopped in a laptop onto her lap – but why make the lid transparent?  Or, they were trying to make the lid transparent to show that the WiFi is ethereal?  Nah – that’s WAY too deep for AT&T.  It bugs the shit out of me whenever I see it.  I mean, some photoshopper would have had to intentionally make the lid transparent at the top. 

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