Study in Contrast

So, tonight I’m a bachelor.  No wife, no child.  I’m chilling in the new family room, drinking a Bud Light and listening to two archived speeches by Robert F. Kennedy.  One is from the day after MLK was shot.  The other, at a college campus in California during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

What strikes me most is the not the quality of the oration, which is superb.  It isn’t the refreshing lack of cliches, although welcome.  It is his civility to those who do not agree with his points of view.  He implored the rambunctious students to let everyone speak; those with whom they agreed, and to those with whom they did not.  And he sold it well.  It certainly may have just been rhetoric, but wow – what I would give for that level of rhetoric today.

Then, I sat down and turned the TV on and “Last COmic Standing” is playing.  That, my friends, is a study in contrast.

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