God Loves NAFTA

There was a story this morning on NPR regarding California’s recent decision to allow for same-sex marriages, and the reporter was covering the first such unions from San Francisco City Hall yesterday.

Cut to a protestor from Fremont, CA.  Here we go:

“God does not want this.  God will punish this country for allowing this.  Look at all the jobs going overseas.  God is punishing us.”

Uh – that’s your example of God’s wrath?  Ford shifting production to Ontario?  How about 9/11, floods in the midwest, earthquakes, school shootings, hurricane Katrina and Rita – pick ONE, for God’s sake, that seems a little more vengeful that union steelworkers getting retrained in knitting as US Steel is closed down.

Post Russert’s death and the dozens of eulogy’s I’ve read, I’m reminded of my own Jesuit schooling and just how much they instill the notion of questioning everything and the importance of logical reasoning in everyday life.  Such training would never allow such a poorly formed syllogism to escape my lips.

This man obviously went to state school.

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