I’m backing prohibition

So I’m sitting here on the plane, finishing a glass of Orange Juice.  Or am I?  I distinctly remember ordering a vodka/OJ from the stewardess/flight comfort-and-safety-engineer before take-off.  What’s disturbing is as I am finishing this beverage, I can’t tell if there is vodka in it.  Which means either one of two things: one bad, the other benign. 


First, it might just mean that she forgot the vodka.  That’s fine – it just sounded refreshing tonight, but I doubt they serve Danzka on this flight, so who cares.


Second, it might be that I can’t taste the vodka, which is distinctly NOT fine.  That either means I’ve grown so accustomed to vodka that it simply appears to my palette as a slightly off water, or it means that I need approximately a fifth of vodka before I notice.  Either scenario is sub-optimal from a liver-health standpoint.


Time to dry out.  Bud Light Lime is all I’m drinking for the next week.  Just after tonight – we’re all meeting in the hotel bar for some debauchery.  Then I promise- only Bud Light.  


Side note:  There is a dude across the aisle from me writing a mail – and his font is FRIGGING HUGE thus enabling my favorite pastime of corporate espionage via dumbasses who don’t have privacy screens on their machines – but here is the first sentence, verbatim:


Predicated upon the assumptions hereinafter set forth and such further assumptions as may be required for you to prepare a letter that based on the assumptions, as lease of the 185th street property would constitute an operating leads and not a capital lease under Canadian regulations.


No, I didn’t transcribe it incorrectly – that is what it says.  If the poor bastard who receives this mail has the foggiest clue about what to do with this sentence, other than drop a couple of stamps of acid and just ride his mellow, I want to meet him.  Actually no, I don’t.  If he understands that blather, I want to punch him in the face.


One thought on “I’m backing prohibition

  1. Wow, I wonder what industry that guy works in . . . if only so I can
    stay out of it and only read tripe like that in blog posts about booze 😉

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