Troglodyte Homunculi

I’m running (?) a project here at the big M which has it share of mind-bending problems.  Often times, we the team sit around a white board and try to brainstorm our way out of what seems to be the Armageddon of the day. 

A couple of days ago, I mentioned to one of the guys on the team that I feel like we’re sometimes running a suicide hotline.  Most mornings we come in and try and talk people (or countries, in this case) back into the building from the precipice, where they are contemplating the sweet release that only bailing on said project brings.  It shall not be – we haven’t lost one (willingly) yet.

Recently, however, as our heads throb from the drama-of-the-day, the smell of whiteboard markers and coursing electrons that make up the seemingly infinite number of Powerpoint decks, I’ve resorted to saying yelling:

"FUCK IT!  We’ll do it live!"

Which, I’m pretty sure, causes the random guy in our hallway who isn’t on the team – a quiet and polite Indian dude – to ask how the fuck he ended up in what equates to a mental mosh pit.

The reference, of course, comes from one of the dumbest men on the earth in his early days on TV – Bill O’Reilly.  There have been countless remixes of his famous meltdown on GooTube, but this one is my absolute favorite.  To see the "Live!" reference, skip to 1:30, but at only 2 minutes, it’s one of the funniest 120 seconds of time you’ll spend all day.


Remember – when life (or work) just gets to be too much – fuck it – do it live.


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