Happy Refresh Eye Juice – Enjoy Your Life!

I bought what I thought was “Visine” last time I was in Japan to give my eyes a break after being on 17 hours of airplanes.  I often had kind of a fuzzy feeling when I got off the plane, so I thought – voila – Visine.

Apparently, body chemistry of Japanese nationals is very different than mine.  The “Visine” I think is actually sort of of “Fire Acid” which causes me to wince in pain for a solid 5 minutes post-application.  I literally can’t even open my eyes – they are just streaming tears.  An hour later, I’m still not sure my eyes are “refreshed” as much as terrified to get tired for fear of me dousing them with another application of firewater.

The bottle clearly says Visine (altho it is hard to read through my streaming tears), but now I’m thinking this is actually a Japanese brand of Vodka or something.  Those kooky Japanese – I can totally see them putting Vodka in a little tiny bottle like this.

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