Silverlight Goodness

I hate Adobe products in general.  For all the shit we get about releasing bloatware, one just need look at Adobe Reader to see the true definition of ‘application that has 100% too many functions for the average person.”  I hate Flash less, but that’s because i think it was an acquisition.

I say this because our homegrown product called “Silverlight” is enabling some real web innovation.  This morning when I logged on the machine, I noticed my new MSN Toolbar had a new skin just in time for the fourth of july

look at that!  Flags and red, white, and blue – all delivered magically without any software download or user intervention.  It’s this kind of magical serendipity that makes people smile and drives loyalty.  Then, I saw the coup de grace – there are fireworks exploding behind the buttons…  they are animated, so I can’t show you.  Instead, just go to

and download it today…


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