Frequent Fliers Do it in 3G

So…. one of my team was in Singapore last week which happened to work out well for me as Samsung just launched the Omnia phone.

Of course, I asked her to pick one up for me.  I had no idea how much it would cost, which is how I usually get into trouble in these situations.  True to her word, she texted me (I was in dublin and she in Singapore) in the middle of the night with the price (which is more than my first mortgage was on my condo) to which, under the influence of several Guiness, I said “YES YES YES!”

Check the specs on that thing – HSDPA (fast fricking access), 5MP camera with geotagging, GPS, WiFi, every other app known to man, a touch sensitve screen, acceleramator for rotation – whatever.  It is just crazy.  And I will have it in 2 days – I might just might meet Sumita at the airport with open arms (then take the phone, leave her there and run home with my new phone, using GPS all the way.)

One thought on “Frequent Fliers Do it in 3G

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