Coffee, Tee or Pee

What is the deal with hotels and shitty coffee?  Are they actually trying to piss me off?  At $400 a night, I expect something more than a Hamilton "this was high-tech in the 70s" Beach coffee maker (and I use ‘coffee’ lightly here) and some truly craptactular no-name pre-ground coffee in foil packets.  Seriously.  This is something so easy to rectify and totally can make or break a hotel for me.  Case in point:

  • Four Seasons in Palo Alto: I was there for a night – late night, early morning, needed coffee.  Now keep in mind this is in East Palo Alto – kind of like the ghetto version of 90210.  Room was fine, place was trying to be all pimped out with plasma TVs, etc etc.  Then in the AM: the Hamilton Beach coffee maker.  Seriously – does this company still even exist?  How in the hell do they think this is anywhere approaching acceptable?  Predictably, the coffee tasted like warmed over piss.
  • Intercontiental in San Francisco: Also a nice hotel, half the price of the "Four Seasons".  Keurig coffee maker in the room complete with a selection of pods.  Coffee actually tasted like coffee. 

Where will I stay in future?  Given the plethora of options, I’m going for the Intercontinental. 

Inexcusable lack of IQ for a "Four Seasons".


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