Someone’s getting fired…

So I’ll admit it.  I have an iPod touch – but I only use it for browsing the web and taunting my wife by having yet another piece of kit that I rarely use in the house, sucking up power as it rests in my electronics cozy in the kitchen.

I figure, hell, for $10 I’ll try the new software update.  It has Exchange Mail and I want to see how good/bad the integration is.

Problem is – capacity planning at the old Fruit Stand clearly isn’t a core competency.  In fact I’d say borderline retarded rhesus monkeys are running the poor little OSX servers that ostensibly power iTunes.

Since 6am this morning I’ve been trying to get the update, only to see this:

Huh?  Did someone miss the memo?  1.1.4 is about as current as Scott Baio.  For the love of all things holy, if you’re going to generate the world’s biggest hype day for a product with little incremental value above the current release, please, please hire some competent IT people.  Or at least monkeys that haven’t been used for cosmetics testing.

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