Not Dead Yet

Yes, I know I haven’t posted since Jul22.  I haven’t been on Channel8 or anything.  I have been remiss.  It is not for lack of want – I have saved several drafts of post ideas in my Inbox as I’ve scampered across the world over the last month.  I have been confounded by one simple fact – alpha software.  Both of the OS and of the Windows Live suite – running two pre-pre-release pieces of software together a good blog experience does not make.
In Hawaii now (would include a link to the pic if I wasn’t running beta software), and I had to post for two great stories.
First, this place in Hawaii is QUIET.  North Shore of Oahu – nothing around for about 10 miles (which is about a quarter of the island).  Last night, a bunch of what appeared to be escaped convicts showed up.  "Weird," I said to my wife, "I didn’t think convicts could afford this on 12 cents an hour," excepting that they probably woulnd’t be let out of jail in the first place.
Turns out they are actually ‘players’ from a highly ranked collegiate institution – Weber State University in Ogden, UT.  So highly ranked that even CBS doesn’t have a page for them.  Now people who know me knou -ow that I have little patience for collegiate sports.  I think it is generally a waste of money (except for those schools where the income outweighs the program costs).  Without doing any real research, my guess is Weber State doesn’t qualify for that status.  I disdain collegiate athletics for a number of reasons:
* It gives the players a false sense of worth – the vast majority of them will not go on to professional athletics, and their grades are usually in the toilet, so they are bound for Jiffy Lube
* The boosters are totally fucking annoying (more on this below) and justify their failings as former college athletes or as people in general by endowing ridiculous sums of money so they can have their name on a sports arena at their poodunk school
* The general corrpution of NCAA recrutiing and the bending of rules within the institutions to allow for future car service specialists to  stay in school and play ‘ball’
* The defocus that sports brings to a COLLEGE where people are supposed to LEARN academic-like-things.  It’s a distraction.
In any case, they are here.  They have an amazing entourage in tow.  I sure hope those 18000 students at Weber State can know their money is being put to good use.  A few of the annoying, fat, white boosters are here, too, which is where they story begins.
Sitting at the pool this morning before the fam was awake.  Some dude swimmintg in the pool.  Good for you, chubby.  Another old & fat (herefter O&F since I feel I will be typing it a lot) dude sits down next to me.   Uh, ok.  There several dozen chairs around the pool, feel free to pick another one.  In any case, he then begins talking to me.
O&F #1: "You know who that is?" (speaking in a high state of reverance)
Me: "No."  (thinking that would end the convo – should have known better)
O&F #1: "That there is the coach of Weber State Football".
Me: "Oh.  I dont follow football."
O&F #1:  "before that, he was a coach at (IDONTCARE) and (IDONTCARE, AGAIN)."
Me: "" (silence)
O&F: "He owns the Ford dealer now, as well."
Me: "Wait, what was his name again?"
Me: "Yeah, wasn’t he accused of child molestation?"
O&F #1: "Nnnno, no, I think you have him confused with someone else/"
Me: "Nope, that’s him!  Child molester!"
O&F #1:  "Couldn’t be him."
Me: "Well, I’ll go check the web.  Pretty sure."  And then I walked away.
Ah well.  That was fun. 
Finally, at the risk of being labeled a racial profiler, I have to include a pic of the hotel balconies this morning.  Look at the homies (both white and black, so shut up) hanging out on the balcony.  It’s like a prison yard…
Aloha and mahalo.

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