It’s always sunny in Jersey

Now, there’s a title with little relation to the post. 

Today I’m flying to Jersey on Continental.  Those of you who know me well know that I have a morbid fascination with airlines, so this post shouldn’t surprise you. 

What a great flight – excepting the annoying French lady seated next to me who insisted on asking for her Red wine in German (WTF?) – obviously flummoxing the Jersey-born-and-bred stewardess.  Got bumped to first, seat 1B which is a wicked seat since the wall in front of you is cut out for extra legroom.

Free food (even in cattle), free movies and decent seats!  What is the airline industry coming to that I don’t want to start taking hostages when flying domestic?

Lunch was – wait for it – smoked salmon with horseradish, a huge salad (with real tomatoes and balsamic), a choice of four breads, a choice of four entrees (I chose the Veal with fresh veggies), and finished with an ice cream sundae with choice of toppings.  Pre-lunch was drink, warm nuts – the usual.

Overall an excellent flight – some of the best airline food I’ve had (certainly the best domestically).  The salad was a proper salad and the meal actually looked like it was cooked rather than reheated at 35000 feet (our cruising altitude).   Now if only COntinental only flew more places from SEA than HOU and EWR.  Ah, man’s gotta have dreams.

I clearly need a new life since this rubbish is what passes for interesting to me…


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