Enterprise – “We’ll Pick the Worst Ad Agency” while picking you up

Wow – what is Enterprise-Rent-a-Car thinking, besides “hey, I think we can turn this place into a multi-level marketing scheme if we just get enough college recruits in here to " be “managers””. 

Tonight I saw an Enterprise ad that rivaled even the one linked below…

Two people, new construction single-level house, woman comes out from the bathroom with two dresses asking her husband, who we’ll call “Doofy”, which one, “red or black?”  Doofy who is stoked just to be in the presence of two X chromosomes says “both!”.

Then, they’re outside and an Escalade pulls up.  Yes, it’s enterprise Rent-a-car dropping off…a car…at their house so they can DRIVE to a hotel to have monkey sex.  Yes, the commercial ends with a hotel door closing, Doofy and the woman making out and the closing tagline, “We’ll Pick you Up”. 

WTF?  You rent a car to drive to a hotel?  Is it so your real wife doesn’t smell skank juice in your Camry?  You live in suburbia and you don’t have a car you can drive to a Ho-tel?  I just don’t get these ads. 

Altho I do know the tagline, and I’ve written a paragraph about it, so I guess it is working in a sinister way.



One thought on “Enterprise – “We’ll Pick the Worst Ad Agency” while picking you up

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