Vote Early! Vote Often!

As a student of politics, I love election day.  I love it for both the historical significance of the event as well as I love watching the supporters of the losing team see their hopes and dreams (or in this case, plungers) vanquished for another four years.
But today as you go out and vote, remember one thing.  Today, the US Supreme Court is taking up a case regarding the use of profanity on regulated TV airwaves.  Yes, the country goes down the toilet (Yes!  two Joe the Plumber references within two paragraphs!), the highest Adjudicative body in the land is debating whether I can say "Fuck" on ABC.  As in "Fuck yeah!  Joe the Plumber took South Carolina on a write-in!"
Does this event rise to my ‘ire-threshold’?  Not really, except that I didn’t realize until this morning that the Bush administration, despite failing in nearly everything they have done in the past year(s), are the ones appealing this to the US Supreme Court.  It was already stricken down in District Court with a blistering opinion, but W. decided that potty-mouth behavior shan’t go unpunished.  So yes folks – we have an economy in free-fall, a seemingly endless numbers of war theaters, 40MM people who can’t go to the doctor without selling plasma, and Florida, and our government has actually tasked bureaucrats to go argue against saying "shit" during "Without a Trace" (which, oddly, is how I’d describe the show.)
Early and often, folks.  Early and often.

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