Tool-Canceling Headphones

I’m in the Seattle office today working and I’m sitting in a massive cubefarm.  No prob –right?  Sure, there is noisy A/C above me, but thanks to Mr. Bose, that noise is drowned out by the miracle of wave phase-reversal.

Dude talking on his cellphone in the middle of the office?  Not so much.  Seriously – we’re in a bunch of cubes.  There are rooms all around the periphery where you can yammer on to Bob with prejudice, but please don’t do it in cubeland. 

One day, when I’m on sabbatical, I’m going to figure out why we can’t make noise cancelling headphones respond better to less-predictable sound waves.  As you’ll notice when you wear them, NCH do just fine when presented with consistent hums that don’t dip too low in the frequency range.  I wonder if its a limitation of the processing circuitry that prevents them from being able to modulate the sound waves quickly enough to compensate for the tool talking. 

I shall endeavor to find out, dear readers.  In the meantime, take your yammering outside.


One thought on “Tool-Canceling Headphones

  1. oh my friend think of all the conversations where wavelength change – those are the conversations you want to hear for pure entertainment!

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