Lazy Saturday

Things I did today:

  • Subscribed to Geek magazine
  • Spent way too long installing Office 2010 64-bit.  WTF – why do I have to be a ninja to do this.
  • "Obtaining" Snow Leopard Bootcamp 3.0 in a vain attempt to
    install functioning drivers for Windows 7 on this Macbook.  What a
    fucking joke.  Seriously Apple – if you advertise the machine can run
    Windows, then it should…I don’t know… RUN WINDOWS.  Wrote a
    scathing blog post referencing ecstasy-addled 14 year old eastern
    european programmer.  Can’t find it tho.
  • Finished "House of Suns" by Alistair Reynolds (probably one of
    the best hard-science writers out there.  Except this time he kept to
    relativity and made me travel at sub-light speed for the duration of
    the 1000 page novel.  Sacrilege.)
  • Started "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" on the recommendation of a friend.  So far, hilarious.  I wish I was this funny.
  • Worked for several hours – got email down to 20.  SUCK IT!
  • Watched Infomania on CurrentTV – the best show I’m pretty sure no one is watching.
  • Played with my daughter – she painted rocks, decorated a beanie baby, and is not hitting golf balls into the Sound.
  • Listened to MJ way too many times.

I love Saturdays.


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