I Resolve to Do Better

I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with people who are more qualified than me in life generally – from politics to music, computer science to the softer science of oration and persuasion.

These discussions brought home a personal mandate to do better.  What does that even mean?  It means that I need to leave a mark on this world larger than my carbon footprint.  It means using technology to advance thinking in even a small way on important topics.  It means working harder to think better, more inclusively and more comprehensively about ideas that can shape the world for my daughter.

It means less bullshit.  It means less buzzwords.  It means the two guys behind me talking about ‘top-down paradigm shifts’ need to shut the fuck up because that is just noise.

It means more involvement with organizations that matter, both to me personally and to the society as a whole. 

It means more controversy for my seven readers.  People closest to me know that I am judgmental, sarcastic, intolerant of intolerance yet quick to make fun of any group of people, solidly against any organized religion, moody, and passionate about the magic of the future.  That means the posts are going to get more raw, less censored, and likely more polarizing. 

If you are a press person I’m talking to about Bing, you should know this blog is mine and mine alone.  And if the seven dirty words offend you, you should probably stop reading here now.  Motherfucker. 

Told you.


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