Reheating Becomes Me

For those Seattle-ites like me (yes, I’m sure this is something to which you all aspire), I know the last thing you want to do after saving the world/saving search engines is to come home and cook.  In all truth, it is more like the first thing I want to do but given the family enjoys eating before midnight indulging my particular proclivities is hardly practical.

We tried the "we’ll just go out each night" approach.  That lasted until Seattle mandated any restaurant with more than 5 locations put up nutritional facts for their food on the menu.  Gordon Biersch – decent beer, decent food.  Fish taco?  1600 calories and 100g of fat.  It’s not like I need to watch my weight, but seriously.  That violates the gluttony prohibition in the realm of mass delusion.

Enter the lazy man’s gourmet: Eat Local.  Ah yes, when you don’t have time to cook but still want to eat well – and local.  People know I’m a capitalist but I’m also a realist which means I understand the impact shipping my lamb from New Zealand has on that little ‘over-insulation’ issue from which we suffer on this marble.  People who debate it are simply idiotic.  It’s kind of like the philosopher whose name I’ve forgotten when asked about whether or not one should believe in God.  His response: you ought believe. Why? if there is a god, you’ll get to go to heaven and all will be well.  If there isn’t a god, no harm, no foul.  However if you don’t believe and there is a god, you’re fucked. (ed note: I’m fucked)

Despite being fucked in the above example, I apply the same rationale to the environment: if the scientists are wrong and we become greeniacs, we’ve lost a few jobs (or rather reallocated positions to other industries) and the place is cleaner then when I got here.  If the scientists are right (and let’s face it, you’re really going to listen to Palin and her band of domestic policy kids who still believe the sun rotates around the earth?) and the earth is heading towards cataclysmic ends, we ought to get our shit together.

Which is a long way of saying that Eat Local tries to source all the ingredients for their food within 100 miles of Seattle.  All the food is natural, made in small batches and then frozen.  You buy it, take it home, cook it for 45 minutes and eat.  No mess, no bad stuff, all good taste.  We had lamb shanks and root veggies a couple nights ago and I think there were all of 8 ingredients in it.  Best thing is that you will recognize all of them.

So go – check it out.  Some dishes are better than others – the short ribs, lamb, and chicken masala are always winners.  AND they serve Stumptown Coffee.  Bonus.


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