The State of Romney

Concomitant with the fact that Romney is a member of the nearly the most ludicrous sect in existence (my Church of Stefan a close second), he is again showing that logic likely isn’t lightly tolerated on his watch.

Romney quote (or a reasonable facsimilie – heard it on NPR this AM): “We have working healthcare in MA that didn’t cut medicare, didn’t raise taxes, and covers 98% of people.  With Obamacare, the people of MA would have to subsidize the rest of the country’s healthcare.  Why would we do that?”

A couple of points:

1) It’s unclear that his healthcare plan actually is working as advertised.

2) It’s unclear that the Obamacare plan would actually result in higher deficits long term.  But you could argue that point.  You could also argue that that is a moot point since the health of nearly 50MM AMericans who are currently uninsured is likely as much a clear and present danger as the fake WMD in Iraq.

3) Mitt, in case you didn’t notice, you get money from me in Washington too.  You see, you get something we call in the real world “federal funding”.  That money doesnt come from hedge funds, it comes from my taxes.  So make you a deal: your citizens won’t have to pay for healthcare for the working poor in WY if we don’t have to pay for safe streets for your kids.  Or any of the other pork projects that you so deftly managed to get for your state.  That argument, as a member of the USA, simply doesn’t round.  Extreme State Federalism, esp in MA, doens’t play well.

Seriously, go back to the tanning booth and to the house of worship where you prostrate yourselves to a crazy con artist who hid behind a sheet, writing words he heard from Jesus.

And yes I know the anti-mormon rant diminishes my argument above, but it’s so much fun I don’t care.


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