To Call or Not to Call – That is the Question

So it turns out I accidentally booked two seats on the same flight for myself to NY on Monday afternoon.  No, this isnt a Kevin Smith moment – I usually fill half a seat with my patented “Ass-Less Frame”.

But here is where it gets funny:  I can’t decide if should call Alaska, wade thru a phone tree, be on hold for 24 minutes, and finally have to explain to someone what happened on their website in an attempt to get them to cancel the ticket.

Or if I should just keep it and go back and forth between seats during the flight.

That sounds decadent:  Strolling past the curtain from 1F to 23C.  Whistling a little song.  Clinking my gin and tonics in one hand while scrabbling for a pack of peanuts with the other.  Spoiling the end of “Sex and the City” for the person in seat 16B – what, they can’t chase me back past the curtain of power, can they?

Yes, this sounds like a better idea.  Both seats.  You do have to wonder what the world is coming to when we have to decide if it’s worth calling customer service.



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