On Genius

It’s unfair to those of us who are merely above average when someone is simply beyond great.  Dean Kamen has been a personal hero of mine since I saw his earliest prototype of a wheelchair that enables paraplegics to stand and talk to others at eye level.  Since then he’s done about a dozen other cool things like the Segway, a portable water purifier, a mythical Sterling engine, and most recently the “Luke Arm”.  This, in addition to his philanthropic work to get kids involved in science thru his FIRST competition, which is epic.

But this morning I came across his TEDMED talk on the development of his Luke arm.  I’m not used to tearing up at all, let alone on a Monday morning when I should be doing other work, but the simple beauty and universal truth of his final message is something that is worth 20 mins of everyone’s time today. 


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