Ebay = cesspool of society

Man I hate selling stuff on Ebay.  Out of the last four transactions (for expensive electronics), three have been f’ed up.  Whether it’s identity theft (for my HP – clever scam including sending UPS to my house for a pickup of the item for which he paid using a stolen PayPal account) to a moronic buyer who tried to file a claim for money back to the latest gem: the nigerian scam!  In the interests of SEO and engines finding this so others can avoid it, here is the mail I received for the Macbook I’m selling (after “Diana” bought the item using Buy It Now):

Hello Am Mrs Diana From USA,Presently now am in spain for a Church program i saw your item above at eBay and I feel like it will be nice to present it as a gift to my son that will be celebrating his birthday next month,He is studying computer science in Nigeria and that is where the item will be going to,i want you to go and get the Shipping cost to Nigeria and your PAYPAL ID i will be paying for the shipping (USPS GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL EMS)you can Email me on (christinadiana22@yahoo.com)

I would like to have the item shipped to the address below:

Mike Bryan

No 26 Oba Akinjobi st

ikeja, lagos 23401 Nigeria

A fraud – someone else has also reported it: http://www.scienceshareware.com/ebay/nigeria-scam.htm .

Two things: this is why I’m so passionate about fixing the US education system.  Due to the sorry state of our reading and writing scores across the country, it’s now hard for me to tell if “Mrs. Diana” is a Nigerian scammer or simply a product of Alabama Public Schools.  The grammar?  Awesome.  Lack of periods?  Awesome.  All caps?  Awesome.

Second, Ebay is the sucking.  This account is clearly fake.  This purchase is clearly a scam.  Want to report the account as a fake?  Good luck finding that on the Ebay site.  In fact using their “Wizard” (which should be more accurately titled a “Differently Abled Savant Assistant Who Answers All Questions Except The One You Asked”), you simply get routed to a form to open a case, which will take four days to process out of an Indian call center, during which time the scammer is on his or her way to scamming heaven.  Meanwhile, your listing stays in a state of limbo.  Really. 

Sorry Mrs Diana Christina From USA, no Macbook for you.


2 thoughts on “Ebay = cesspool of society

  1. I have my old blackberry listed on ebay now, and woke up to this email:

    Hello Seller how are you doing..am Mrs Gina Garret contacting you from ebay about the item which i won i will love to make payment to you okay so i will love you to get back to me with your PayPal account i will pay $70 for the shipping cost to West Africa my son really need that item so get back to me with your PayPal account id get back to me ASAP it urgent on am having some problem with my ebay account please get back to me on(gina.garret@yahoo.com)

    I would like to have the item shipped to the address below:
    mike bryan
    26 oba akinjobi street
    ikeja, lagos 23401 Nigeria

    I found your post after googling the address. I don’t think it’s even worth my time to report it into Ebay. The sellers account is only 10 days old and all the feedback is “private”. ANNOYING.

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