Tonight I’m testing out a new product called Zemanta.  In essence its an implicit search engine that watches what you are typing and suggests items that could augment your post.  For example, as I’m complaining about Ebay (again), Zemanta might suggest a photo to include in the post.  As I write about trying Zemanta for the first time, it may suggest I include a post from another blogger about the same experience.  Interesting little product – more as I use it.

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One thought on “Zemanta

  1. You might want to try as well Cascaad Splice (http://www.cascaad.com/splice/beta). It takes the concept of contextual discovery/implicit search right into social communication data. So for instance as you discuss say a singer in a status update on Twitter or Facebook (could be just as well an sms or e-mail), Splice will automatically extract the relevant topic, highlight it in the text of the message and add some contextual information aggregated from multiple online sources.

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