Deep Thoughts…From a Plane

Every week or so I’m writing a little missive about things I find interesting and that seem to be resonating among the VCs, educators, software devs, and entrepreneurs with which I get to interact.  The series is called “Deep Plane Thoughts” because I usually write them when I’m sitting on an airplane, in that lovely cone of aluminum silence.  I called it “Deep Thoughts” as a form of self-mockery but some people apparently thought I was being self-aggrandizing and serious.  I’m nothing of not self-aggrandizing, but even calling my bullshit “Deep” is a stretch for me.

Per a couple of requests, I’ll post them on this blog.  They’ll be categorized under “Deep Thoughts”.  Not all will get published since some are explicitly competitive in nature, but when I can sanitize or when they are just general industry stuff, I’ll put them up here.

And like everything else on this site, these posts express my personal view, not that of my employer and should in no way be construed as indicating strategy, policy, or direction of Microsoft.  Especially since no one really listens to me.

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