Observation: Bench Advertising

On the way to LAX this morning I kept seeing an advertisement on bus benches for what could only be described as a very non-self aware ad for a realtor (no, I refuse to capitalize or ® that), complete with Fedora, moustache, and gold chain. 

It got me wondering – who the hell buys these ads? 

Look, I can’t imagine people are who are looking for a realtor are aimlessly driving the mean streets of Marina Del Ray, frantically searching out a bus bench so they can narrow down their choices for someone to handle the biggest transaction of their lives.

“Oh, but it’s for name recall” you say.  In other words, when you need a realtor in the future, you will remember seeing Mr. Fedora all over the city and will naturally go to him first.   Again, I cry foul simply based on the fact that you are likely to engage in conversation with, I don’t know, a trusted friend to make this most important financial decision. 

So what are these ads good for?  Which ones work?  I can bet ones that would be temporal or spatial – ones that could drive you to an action right where you are.  But Barbu Haddow, I’m going to guess that sign below isnt what you’ were going for when you plunked down your cashola.




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