NYC: Let’s test out the “never sleeping” part


This year I’ve stated I will be working out of incubator or entrepreneur cowork spaces about a week out of the month.  This month I’m lucky enough to have the great folks at WeWorkLabs host me the week of Aug15.  I’m there all week to take meetings with any and all NYC entrepreneurs who want to bounce ideas off the Bing stooge, ask about MS connections, pick my brains on product design or get some advice on marketing and PR.  Part of the benefit of being a long time corporate stooge is that I’ve been able to do all these things on a number of really cool products – so I <partially> know of what I speak.

Or at least I fake it really well.

To schedule me, hit me at stefan at bing dot com.

Also excited to be hosting another of our famous Founders Dinners on Tue, Aug16 organized by the always awesome Jacob Brody.

Wednesday we’re hosting Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator for their monthly meetup , this time with Albert Wenger from USV.  And me, but that’s no draw.

See you all in 9 days!



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