The Weekly – 7.6.12


This week we look the top tech trends for the next decade, a massive fail that I’m blaming on Chromebooks, an oblique reference to the 90s movie “Sneakers” (FTW!), and what happens when robots start walking more like us and then use the power of social networks to decide who is important enough to warrant giving a TEDx talk.

Top 10 Tech Trends for the Next Decade

Some of these are ‘duh’, others are a little fun to read (like the rise of 3D printing which will only get better when we figure out nanotechnology that doesn’t threaten to run amok and eat the earth). This section on the internet data explosion is fun, “Forget megabytes and gigabytes. Bandwidth will multiply three million times through the next ten years, surpassing terabytes, petabytes and exabytes to reach zettabytes. Internet data will be high definition video living in a real-time cloud.”

Home Automation for the Rest of Us

I admit when remodeling my house I went a little crazy on home automation, complete with IP accessible lightswitches that I never bothered to do anything with save brag about to guests (“each switch has its own IP address!”)  Belkin has come out with some new home automation tech that I’m really in love with.

There’s Fail, and then there is #EPICFAIL

Many of you saw this but in case you missed it, the entire San Diego fireworks display – scheduled to last 18 minutes – instead lasted 29 seconds.  YouTube of it here.  Rumor has it the show was controlled by a Google Chromebook that lost its WiFi connection and went rogue.  Ok, maybe I made that last part up.  But maybe I didn’t. And maybe you should all RT that.

Quantum Computing Draws Nigh; Time to Start Freaking out about Crypto!

Ok, it’s not that close but for things involving cryptography (you know, like any secure webpage, all your banking information, your NikeRun scores that you don’t post to FB), it’s getting hot in hereHarvard researchers have managed to create and trap quantum information for 2 seconds at room temperature (that’s six orders of magnitude longer than anything else tried).  And they did it using diamonds which truly validates the claim that diamonds are a hacker’s best friend.  It’s a small step – a building block really – but an important one to creating a full fledged quantum computer that will render our puny silicon brains (even our 8-way cores) to the dustbin of Betamax. 

Sober Robots

How many of you are tired about the stilted gait of robots these days?  ASIMO may be badass, but he still walks like he’s had too many dark and stormys on Sohn’s boat.  Meet the newest biped that mimics our ‘controlled falling’ method of walking. 

A New Brand for MS?

I love it when a fan of ours takes it upon himself to redesign our entire brand over the course of 72 hours.  I personally love the tagline he’s come up with and the simplicity of the logo and its various applications is really an elegant homage to our history and culture.

A New Way to Feel Self-Important (or self-loathing, depending on your score)

First there was KLOUT, now there is Cloze.  Think of Cloze as a way to score everyone else you know and then make sure you are communicating with some regularity with those who are most ‘important’.  Creepy?  Yes.  But you know you want something like this.   I do  love the ability to take your Cloze data with you even when you leave a job.  This is a great boost to data portability inits so many companies are working towards.

Speaking of Self-Important…

I gave a TEDx talk recently about the power of serendipity.  They recently edited and posted it, so here it is for your viewing pleasure (?).  If nothing else, you can see how many geek jokes I can cram into 18 minutes. 

Enjoy the weekend. 


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